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-Anton Besedin and Ekaterina Strelkova, Russian Federation;
-Alexey Bredikhin and Daria Bredikhina, Russian Federation;
-Simone Carabellese Lucia Cafagna, Italy;
-Rares Cojoc and Andreea Matei, Romania;
-Tomas Fainsil and Violetta Posmetnaya, Lithuania;
-Alexey Glukhov and Anastasia Glazunova, Russian Federation;
-Jacek Jeschke and Hanna Zudziewicz, Poland;
-Leonid Khokhlov and Alexandra Shoshneva, Russian Federation;
-Igor Kruglov and Anna Barbacheva, Russian Federation;
-Aliaksandr Samosiuk and Yana Tudvaseva, Belarus;
-Vadim Shurin and Anastasia Meshkova, Latvia;
-Daniil Ulanov and Kateryna Isakovych, Cyprus.

-Denis Belik and Evelina Kovtun, Russian Federation;
-Marco Bodini and Kristina Charitonovaite, Italy;
-Dmitry Chelpanov and Ksenia Voronenkova, Russian Federation;
-Ilya Gasanov and Liudmila Raevskaya, Russian Federation;
-Tomas Janonis and Santa Vlasa, Lithuania;
-Stefano La Manna and Martina Spiantini, Italy;
-Gedvinas Meskauskas and Ugne Bliujute, Lithuania;
-Vladislav Palagniuk and Valeriya Menyaylo, Russian Federation;
-Tomas Prikryl and Sanela Los Chovancova, Czech Republic;
-Nikita Shipitsin and Anna Zakharova, Russian Federation;
-Iaroslav Verba and Yaroslava Shykun, Ukraine.

All stars couples need to check their status tomorrow – 26.03 2017 by phone ‎+375293347294 BEFORE FIRST ROUND!

Online stream of the tournament

On March 25-26 in Minsk, in one of the most prestigious area of the Republic of Belarus, the Palace of Sport «Uruchje», will hold the «World Open Minsk – 2017» – Open International Dance Sport Competition. It will be the V-th competition of such a high international level in the Republic of Belarus. This tournament has the high status of an open international tournament, a rank of World Open and a world ranking of WDSF. The dance floor will be filled with the best couples from Belarus and from all over the World. The “World Open Minsk – 2017” competition will be of the same high level as all leading tournaments in Europe and in the world.
In the tournament program there will be competitions of a world ranking of WDSF World Open Standard & Latin, WDSF Youth Open Standard & Latin, and also rating and classification competitions in all age categories. Organizers of the tournament have prepared a prize fund for finalists of WDSF World Open Standard & Latin and special cups, medals and prizes for all categories. To evaluate the events performances will be highly qualified judges from 17 different countries of the world.

Of particular interest to the audience, of course, will be the evening part of competition, which will have performances from the best couples, unforgettable shows of the stars of dance sport and there will also be some other surprises from the organizers waiting for you!

To buy a ticket on the website

We are very much looking forward to seeing you at this prestigious and important event, this celebration of beauty, exquisite taste and consummate skills of Dance Sport!


Tournament history

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